"How do I get to Berwood?"

Berwood Hill Inn can be found between Preston and Lanesboro in Southeastern Minnesota. It is a two hour drive from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and less than an hour south of Rochester.

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       The address is:

Berwood Hill Inn
22139 Hickory Road
Lanesboro, MN 55949

To get to Berwood from the Twin Cities, take US-52 South (accessible from 494 just a few miles east of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport).

Follow 52 past Rochester and another 36 miles south. Remain on 52 through Preston. Turn left on MN Hwy 16 (There is a John Deere dealership on the corner).

Watch for the first gravel road on the left "Hickory Road". When you see a carved-wood Berwood sign, continue straight ahead and you will arrive at the Inn.

( If you get to Union Prairie Church on Hwy 16, you've gone too far! )

Call 1-800-803-6748 if you're having trouble.

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